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Year Ten: 2017

* * * Issue Thirty-Seven - Spring 201* * *

     A Celebration for the Dying by Chris Pearce
     Psalm of the Green Wanderer by Lori A. Claxton
     Donas de Fuera by Arielle Tipa
     Remains by Natalie Crick
     The Idol Maker by Lawrence Buentello
     The Seamstress Marries the Broken Man by James P.
     A Soul to Keep by Alexandra Seidel
     The Allotment above the City by John W. Sexton
     Spellbound by Heather Pagano
     A Kiss by Evelyn Deshane
     The Reliquary of Professor Jinn by R. Y. Brockway

     Sing No Songs of Resurrection by James Lecky
     King Wivern by Jeana Jorgensen
     A Fine Judge of Horseflesh by Sandi Leibowitz
     Tirron by Mary Soon Lee
     The Lotus Eaters’ Song by Evelyn Deshane
     Sheer by Alex Harper
     Through These Troglodytes It Speaks by Tom Hadrava
     Shapeshifters’ Love Poem by Todd Dillard
     The Hollywood Career of Dorian Gray by Douglas Kolacki
     Invisible Buildings by Robert Beveridge