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Year Eleven: 2018

     Kenopsia by Evan Marcroft
     Pomegranates by Alexandra Seidel
     The Ink Chase by Nidhi Singh
     The Mollusk Fossils by Gregory Kimbrell
     Tarnish by Dawn Vogel
     Lady of Lullaby by John W. Sexton
     Heavenly Bodies by Allison Epstein
     Hades and Persephone Correspond in Winter by Carly
          A. Racklin
     The Braden Banshee by Kristen Brand
     Lay by Joseph Gordon Wilson
     The Crow of Nine-World by Sarah Gribble

      King of Harps by Sandi Leibowitz
            by R. Mac Jones
      Head Games by Cameron Johnston
      The Constant Stranger by John W. Sexton
      Stray Arrow by Evelyn Deshane
      The Shift by Alexandra Seidel
      A Little Alive by Nick Manzolillo
      My Leviathan by Angela Boswell
      Amusements by Jacqueline West
      Creators by Deborah L. Davitt

     A White Sky with Black Stars by Natalie Keller
     Cultivating Midnight by Stefani Cox
     Seven Types of Murder by Leland Neville
     The Seamstress and the Ghost Shrouds by James P. 
     Foam and Gold by Meredith Rose Schorr
     Dragons by David Barber
     The Last Garden by John W. Sexton
     Love Song by Jessica P. Wick
     The Tale of the Costume Maker by Steve Carr
     Lovers' Leap by Oliver Smith