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Year Nine: 2016

* * * Issue Thirty-Three - Spring 2016 * * *

     He Who Makes the Slippers by Sean Robinson
     Ophelia’s Stepsister by Nancy Iannucci
     The Boy and the Boemen by Priya Sridhar
     What’s Left of the Secret Garden? by Emily Cooper
     Why We Will Never Know Paradise by Chris Pearce
     his first spring by Sandi Leibowitz
     Kisses like Drops in the Sea by Ann-Marie Martino
     The Muse of Cuts by Alex Harper
     The Root by Douglas Kolacki
     Two Faiku by Anna Sykora

     Against the Venom Tide by Henry Szabranski
     Sleeping Castle and Sleeping Princess by Jane Yolen
     Appropriation by Deborah Rocheleau
     Further Extracts by Mary Soon Lee
     Story Kill by Paul Starr
     Entered in the Ledger of Night by John W. Sexton
     Elegy by Nitai Poddar
     Triptych by Lorraine Schein
     Leaving Anthemusa by Chris Pearce
     The Five Books by Sandi Leibowitz
     The Desert of Forgotten Things by Dennis Mombauer

     Germinant by L. S. Johnson
     Your Next Journey of Eight Steps by John W. Sexton
     Aixa the Hexcaster by Louis Santiago
     hanged man by Brendan McBreen
     Meet Me at the Top by Rhonda Eikamp
     The Dollhouse by Ruth Z. Deming
     Around the Bones, Tender Leaves Unfurl by 
         Wendy Hammer
     What the Goblins Did by Jennifer Burnau
     In His Forest by Lynn Hardaker
     Artemis in Love: Three Fables by Evelyn Deshane

      Saint Hunter by Maureen Bowden
      The Crossing by Cyn Bermudez
      Aisling and the Whalecat by John W. Sexton
      How to Kill the Juniperman by Alexandra Seidel
      Wednesday. 6:16 AM. by Rebecca Buchanan
      Recruits by Mary Soon Lee
      You Are a Ship by Alexandra Seidel
      The Dictator's Daughter by Kayla Bashe
      Vortex by A. P.
      Purity by M. T. DeSantis
      After a long period by Arlene Ang
      The Girl in the Orchard by Rebecca Harrison