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Summer 2016 Issue

Welcome to the Summer 2016 issue of Mirror Dance! Our summer collection features stories of archives, records, and memories. In this issue…

     Against the Venom Tide by Henry Szabranski
     Sleeping Castle and Sleeping Princess by Jane Yolen
     Appropriation by Deborah Rocheleau
     Further Extracts by Mary Soon Lee
     Story Kill by Paul Starr
     Entered in the Ledger of Night by John W. Sexton  
     Elegy by Nitai Poddar
     Triptych by Lorraine Schein
     Leaving Anthemusa by Chris Pearce
     The Five Books by Sandi Leibowitz
     The Desert of Forgotten Things by Dennis Mombauer

The authors and editor of Mirror Dance welcome your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the individual stories and poems. Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the magazine may be e-mailed to the editor: markenberg at We hope you enjoy the issue!