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Year Eight: 2015

     A Study in Bronze by Kara Lee
     The Twenty-Seven Syllables of Love by Sandi Leibowitz
     Ru and Wolf by Molly Lazer
     A Touch of Red by Deborah Bailey
     The Fate of Master Wenang by James Lecky

     Training: Horse by Mary Soon Lee
     Crown of Bells by Amanda C. Davis
     Rapunzel Reflects by Aleph Altman-Mills
     Princess of the Hedgerow by John W. Sexton

          The King’s Quarry by Chandler Groover
          The Other Minotaur by Catherine Brooke
          For Those Who Deserve It by Alexander Léger-Small
          The Girl Turns West by Darcie Little Badger 
          The Dancing Bear by Cordelia Harrison

          Parade by Zella Christensen
          Eater of Dreams by Alison McBain
          Utterly Pure by Deborah Walker
          The She-Bear and the Man by Sandi Leibowitz 
          Haiku by Albert Schlaht

         Dark Gonna Catch Me Here by Jamieson Ridenhour
         Patterns by Noeleen Kavanagh
         Extinct in the Wild by Peter Medieros
         Double-Edged Enchantment by Jim Lee
         Pond-Wife by Peter Schranz

         The Seer by Anne Carly Abad
         The London Necropolis Railway by Kelda Crich
         The Hoard-Stealers’ Ball by Alex Harper
         Simple Dish by Matthew Chamberlin

      The Cathedral of the Fang by Zach Lisabeth
      Evil Eye by Daniel M. Shapiro
      The Fortune Teller by J. S. Watts
      Knife and Sea by Vanessa Fogg
      The Axeman by Daniel M. Shapiro
      Dread by Mary Soon Lee
      The Inventor by Evelyn Deshane
      Waiting for Beowulf by Katie Winkler
      Excavations by J. D. DeHart
      On Failure’s Wings by Sandi Leibowitz