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Year Five: 2012

* * * Issue Seventeen - Spring 2012 * * *

The Love Mod by Anna Sykora
Fog by Carol H. March
The Players by Caroline Spencer
The Ale Wife by Christopher Owen
Children's Story by Paul L. Mathews

Arcadia by Jacob Rakovan
The Great Whore by Deborah Walker
Snow White's Complaint by Joyce Lautens O'Brien

    * * * Issue Eighteen - Summer 2012 * * *

    How Jordy Wentby Jamieson Ridenhour
    Guardian by K. A. G. Broderick
    Farewell by Shirl Sazynski
    The Fog Lake by Anahita Ayasoufi
    Victims of Love by Mike Phillips

    My Vampire Husband by Linda M. Crate
    Charlotte Radley (1824-1852) by Ashley Bergner
    Peace Offering by Shelly Bryant
    yaga by Brock Marie Moore
    Storm Frost Mountain Maze by  Robert Shmigelsky

      * * * Issue Nineteen - Autumn 2012 * * *

      Glint by Lucien Brodeur
      Fire and Lye by Stefan Milicevic
      Ceviche Azul by Aaron DaMommio
      Red Sand by Rachel J. Bailey
      The Wolf Skin by Mike Phillips

      Layered Light by  S. Brackett  Robertson
      Brother and Sister by Sandi Leibowitz
      Birthright by  E.  L. Williams
      The First Fall by Linda C. Crate

        Snow, Blood, Silver by Sara Cleto
        Goodnight, Sweet Lady by A. L. Loveday
        The Twa Magicians by Sandi Leibowitz
        The Absurdity of Dragonslayers by Sterling Slechta

        The Siren Hears Orpheus by Sandi Leibowitz
        In the Labyrinth by Deborah Walker
        Once by Jessica Bell
        Master Craftsman by Shelly Bryant
        Green by L. C. Ricardo