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Year Four: 2011

* * * Issue Thirteen - Spring 2011 * * *


Indra's Return by Chrystalla Thoma
Realism by Laura Kjosen
Botch and Taxes by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero
Spirits of the Moon by Crowerd Robinson

The Wife of Pygmalion and The Propoetides by Laura Garrison
Parallel Universes by Sari Krosinky
Gaze of the Gorgon by Robert Shmigelsky
Perseus by Deborah Walker
    * * * Issue Fourteen - Summer 2011 * * *


    The Tower and the Door by Sara Cleto
    The Hidden River by Nicole Votta
    Kashcei and the Firebird, at Peace by David Brookes
    The Lunar Child by Melinda Giordano
    Mirabilis by Dora Badger

    Babylon by Sylvia Adams
    The Modern Procurement of Muses by A. J. Huffman
    The Forest Without Song by Robert Shmigelsky

      * * * Issue Fifteen - Autumn 2011 * * *


      Weapon in the Hills by K. R. Hager
      Little Sister by Paul L. Matthews
      The Dragonbone Curse by Stefan Milicevic
      The Power of Blood by Madeline Dyer
      The Night of the Cloud Spectre by Mike Phillips

      Entrance Exam by Shelly Bryant
      Lilith by Sylvia Adams
      Buffalo Dream by Haris Adhikari
        * * * Issue Sixteen - Winter 2011 * * *


        Water Girl by Tyrell Johnson
        Inside the Wolf by Brittany Warman
        The Good King by Simon Kewin
        Scar by Gwenan Haines
        Breakfast with the Charmings by Sara Cleto
        Brisé by Kenneth Weene

        After a Painting of Circe by Jacob Rakovan
        Cup and Ring Carving by Kelda Crich
        Breaking Earth: A Prose Sonnet by Annie Neugebauer
        Storm at Sea by Shelly Bryant

        Interview with Mike Phillips