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Year Three: 2010

The Hattercap and the Comic Book Artist by Nick Poniatowski
Urn by Michele Stepto
And Athena Leaped by Sylvia Hiven
Oblivion by Meghann McVey
Your Evil Horde Needs Youby Stuart Sharp
Just a Game of Chance by R. W. Nichols

Dancing with Crane by Changming Yuan
The Day's Work by Shelly Bryant
I Am Golem by Robert Shmigelsky
Unencumbered by Holly Day
    * * * Issue Ten - Summer 2010 * * *

    Twilight, Choking on Owl Feathers by Kendare Blake
    Egg by Michele Stepto
    The Mirror of Venus by Steve Jensen
    Legend by Jon Zech
    Sorcerous Mist by Simon Kewin

    Blossom by Deborah Walker
    The Walk by Stephen Jarrell Williams
    To Memory You Are Called by Shelly Bryant
    Watery Matters by Evan Pettit
      * * * Issue Eleven - Autumn 2010 * * *


      Master of the King by Bryan Lindenberger
      How to Bake the Perfect Pie for your Husband by Laura Rheaume
      Epimetheus' Palace by Alva J. Roberts
      The Picky Dragon by Troy Morash
      The Business of Doing Good by Allen Kopp

      Illusionist Blossoms by Robert Shmigelsky
      Byblos by Shelly Bryant
      U... by Alec B Kowalczyk

        * * * Issue Twelve - Winter 2010 * * *


        Impossibles by M. V. Montgomery
        The Planting of the Spectre by Mike Phillips

        Madam White Snake by Deborah Walker
        The Lay of Erwyn the Young by Joshua Hampton
        Ariel Imprisoned by Rosalind Casey
        Cruel and Fleet by Jerome Brooke
        Her Light Extinguished by Shelly Bryant
        Psychological Ending by Radek Ozog