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Year Six: 2013

* * * Issue Twenty-One - Spring 2013 * * *

Victoriana by Sarah L. Byrne
The Remarkable Account of Nain's Revolution by Chloe Ackerman
Quest for the Improbable by Sandi Leibowitz
Tara, Who Could Turn into a Dragon by C. E. Hyun
And They Shall Never Sever by Brooke Wonders
The Puppeteer by Cordelia Harrison

The Fall of the Ruby City by Helen Ogden
Six Faikus by Anna Sykora
On Darlings by S. Brackett Robertson
Irruption by Shelly Bryant

    Behold by James Lecky
    On Festival Road by Jonathan Olfert
    Old Rootling by Trevor Shikaze
    Hagia Sophia by Chandler Groover
    Caught in the Weave by Mike Phillips

    Falling by Sandi Leibowitz
    Among the Angelic Orders by Alicia Cole
    The Autobiography of Medusa by Glenn  Halak
    Trouble in Golem Town by Deborah Walker
    Penemue by Sandi Leibowitz


      A Concerto and a Fugue by Amy Holt
      The Boy and the Dragon by Ann-Marie Martino
      A Mixed Catch by Jess Hyslop
      Sadko by Edward Ahern
      The Unicorn Game by Alicia Alves
      A Hollow in the Moment by Mike Phillips

      Purgatorium by David R. Cravens
      Ice by Alexis Marie
      Act of Creation by J. A. Grier
      The Throne, Restored by Shelly Bryant

        * * * Issue Twenty-Four - Winter 2013 * * *

        Salmacis by L. S. Johnson
        When the Sun Rises by Christian Riley
        The Twisted Tree by Chandler Groover
        Jing Wei by Stephanie Craig
        It Snows on Camelot by J. A. Grier
        Eurydice by Brianna Sulzener
        Repentant by Sandi Leibowitz