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Year Thirteen: 2020

* * * Issue Forty-Six - Spring 2020 * * *

     Roots by Sinéad McCabe
     The Priestess and the Laundry Maid by Maureen Bowden
     Death by Breaths by Gerri Leen
     Vivian’s First Secret by Rory Say
     The Girl Who Survived by Beth Cato
     Workshop of Clay and Stars by Russell F. Hirsch
     Thor’s Hammer by Colleen Anderson
     Some Distant Waterholes of Note by M. Bennardo
     The Dragon God’s Best Trick by Deborah L. Davitt
     The Storeroom of Grief by John W. Sexton

* * * Issue Forty-Seven - Autumn 2020 * * *

     The Crystals are Purely Aesthetic by Alexandra Grunberg
     The Reaper’s Cat by Mary Soon Lee
     Ursula’s Daughter by Alison Bainbridge
     The Successful Suitor Will… by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
     Persephone’s Lament by Shelly Jones
     October’s End by Oliver Smith
     This is the Chase by Gabrielle Roselynn Dina
     The Witch in Winter by Lorraine Schein
     Boy, Reclining by Jason L. Corner
     Werewolf, Interrupted by Hayley Stone