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Autumn 2017 Issue

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 issue of Mirror Dance, featuring stories of opposites. In this issue…

   Rapture of the Deep by Fiona Honor Hurley
   Osiris in My Coffee Shop by Shannon Connor Winward
   The Summer of Growing Up by Anne Marie Lutz
   This Should be A Lovesong But Isn’t by Alexandra Seidel
   My Name is for My Friends by Joe Vasicek
   Love Maw by Alison Rumfitt
   Hills Dreaming Themselves Mountains by Kyle Brandon Lee
   Kindled by Mack W. Mani
   Flowers for Lamia by Noel Wallace
   The Mouse by John W. Sexton

The authors and editor of Mirror Dance welcome your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the individual stories and poems. Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the magazine may be e-mailed to the editor: markenberg at We hope you enjoy the issue!