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Osiris in My Coffee Shop

Osiris in My Coffee Shop
By Shannon Connor Winward

I look up from my papers
as always, I am unprepared for you

the way I tend to grow towards you
my worth sinking and rising on your entrance

and it is only in this instant
the word sustainable on the page in flames

that I remember this dream
and find it curious

I dressed you in an overcoat.
You are ever out of place

my sister-brother where I am
your brown arms naked heart embracing full

me scrambling to pick up pieces—
silly. Could you just imagine? You,

come to sow anything
in my Mid-Atlantic winter.

* * *

Shannon Connor Winward is the author of the Elgin-award winning chapbook, Undoing Winter. Her poems have appeared in The Monarch Review, Qu, Analog, The Pedestal Magazine, Literary Mama, Strange Horizons and Eternal Haunted Summer, among others. In between writing, parenting, and other madness, Shannon is also a poetry editor for Devilfish Review and founding editor of Riddled with Arrows Literary Journal.

Where do you get the ideas for your poems?
Dreams, observation, a need for catharsis or resolution, the desire to capture a moment or to explore a given theme, form, or idea.