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Summer 2017 Issue

Welcome to the Summer 2017 issue of Mirror Dance, featuring stories of masks and disguises. In this issue…

     Sing No Songs of Resurrection by James Lecky
     King Wivern by Jeana Jorgensen
     A Fine Judge of Horseflesh by Sandi Leibowitz
     Tirron by Mary Soon Lee
     The Lotus Eaters’ Song by Evelyn Deshane
     Sheer by Alex Harper
     Through These Troglodytes It Speaks by Tom Hadrava
     Shapeshifters’ Love Poem by Todd Dillard
     The Hollywood Career of Dorian Gray by Douglas Kolacki
     Invisible Buildings by Robert Beveridge

The authors and editor of Mirror Dance welcome your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the individual stories and poems. Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the magazine may be e-mailed to the editor: markenberg at We hope you enjoy the issue!