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Winter 2017 Issue

Welcome to the Winter 2017 issue of Mirror Dance, our annual collection of flash fiction and narrative poetry. In this issue…

     Shorn by Eric M. Battaglia
     Later Magical Tourism by Steve Simpson
     Donkeyskin by Julie Reeser
     Eve and Pandora Walk into a Bar by Lori A. Claxton
     Family Myths by Edward M. Turner
     The Deer Wife by Wendy A. Howe
     Marbendill Eyes by Abigail Putnam
     Dark Harvest by Mary Soon Lee
     Phoenix Rising by Maureen Bowden
     Invisible Stars by F. J. Bergmann
     The Wish Giver by Beth Goder

The authors and editor of Mirror Dance welcome your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the individual stories and poems. Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the magazine may be e-mailed to the editor: markenberg at We hope you enjoy the issue!