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Spring 2021 Issue

Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue of Mirror Dance! This issue’s stories focus on secret knowledge – the secrets shared by ghosts and fairies, dragons and wizards, gods and time travelers, nursery rhymes and dreams and (maybe) social media. Enjoy! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. -MA

     The Man Who Saw Dragons by Anahita Hoose
     Spell 17 by Tristan Beiter
     The Quill and the Queen by Claire Thomas
     The Queen of Elfland’s Lover by Sandi Leibowitz
     The Book of Ravana by Jahnavi Misra
     Children of the Elect by Jennifer Crow
     Here is the Girl Ghost by Gillian Daniels
     A History of Falling by Avra Margariti
     Losing a Treasure by Sandra Unerman
     a word for the day by Elizabeth R. McClellan
     Transplanter X by Douglas Kolacki