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My Brother

My Brother
by April Grant

My brother gave me a white mare
With freckles on her nose,
My brother gave me a carriage,
And a coat to go with those.
My brother smiled to see me scatter
Humans here and there,
As we passed with a clatter,
Me and my white mare
With the dark and glittering eyes.
I love you, brother!
Prosper night and day!
For what you've done for me
I'll do for you one day,
Now I'm growing wise.
Since you set me free,
I haven't done too badly --
I'll make your troubles flee
As fast as one quick maid
Who drives a carriage madly
In the hunting of your woes,
Behind the bounding white jade
With freckles on her nose.

* * *

April Grant lives near Boston. Her backstory includes time as a busking musician, real estate agent, public historian, dishwasher, and librarian. Among her hobbies are biking and ruin appreciation.

What inspires you to write and keep writing?
The unrelenting harshness of reality drives me to escapism. Sometimes I also have rad dreams which I enjoy so much I commemorate them with poems.