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Utterly Pure

Utterly Pure
by Deborah Walker

The bull is not the only animal.
Buried deep, dust rotted horns decay.
Remembering the steps of the labyrinth’s dance.

In the house of double axes: the reborn snake.
Glazed faience skin of quarzty sheen winds
over pithoi jars and aqueducts run dry.
Where red-skinned men and white skinned women,
danced. Feet stained with dusted saffron.
Upon greenstone, jadeite, obsidian,

Snake is the dance remembered by the dead bull.
Wound around the white arms of broken collonades.
In the palace of tunnels.
In the city of chthonic promise.
Coiled and waiting, in shadows lies the heart.
Utter purity and the lustrous promise of rebirth.

* * *

First published in Eternal Haunted Summer.

* * *

Deborah Walker loves dreamy, dark poetry. Her heroes are Christina Rossetti and Jacqueline West. Find Deborah’s poems in Scifaikuest, Dreams and Nightmares, Paper Crow and Chizine. She blogs at:

Where do you get the ideas for your poems? 

From Wikipedia. I'll start with something, say griffins, then hyperlink until I find something that catches my fancy. They also have a lovely Random Article button on the left hand side. Let me click it, my next poem will be about . . . a Sardiita Quijarroa. I can work with that.