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Eater of Dreams

Eater of  Dreams
by Alison McBain

Sad creature,
composed from a stewpot
of body parts,
picked over and discarded
by indifferent gods.

Tired creature,
exhausted by
an unquenchable hunger
for humanity's nightmares,
for a child's forgotten dreams.

Sometimes I wonder
as you curl your elephant nose
around mottled paws,
lying down with the light of dawn--
what do you see,
when you close your eyes?

* * *

Alison McBain lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. She has poetry published/forthcoming in Abyss & Apex, Star*Line, and the anthologies Blood on the Floor and Our World of Horror. When not obsessing over The Walking Dead, she practices origami meditation and draws all over the walls of her house with the enthusiastic help of her kids. You can chat with her at @AlisonMcBain or

What do you think is the attraction of the fantasy genre?

I feel there are no limits to fantasy except those you impose on on your own imagination.  Fantasy is amazingly diverse and complex, a collection of our deepest fears and desires, strengths and weaknesses. It shows that what makes us human is sometimes only seen through what is not human.  Although I read and write all genres, fantasy will always be my favorite (but don't tell the other genres I said that!).