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Autumn 2014 Issue

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 issue of Mirror Dance! In this issue…


     The Frost Queen Requests Your Support by Aimee Picchi
     Zenith’s Wake by Penny Stirling
     Congress of Dragons by Vanessa Fogg
     The World Tree by Victoria Feistner
     A Chorus of Unfriendly Guardians by Danny Adams


     Dream Songs by Miriam C. Jacobs
     Bellerophon & Athena by C. Carter
     i want my dreams more than yours by Linda M. Crate
     Year Forty-Nine by Brittany Warman

The authors and editor of Mirror Dance welcome your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the individual stories and poems. Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the magazine may be e-mailed to the editor: markenberg at