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Today's Reading from the Loneliness Deck

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Today’s Reading from the Loneliness Deck
by Grá Linnaea

Five of Shoes – The Giant: lives in your bedroom but you don't speak. She thinks you were more talented and interesting when you were young.

* * *

Eleven of Shelves: The Dragon: does not approve of those pants. He doesn't care what other kids are wearing. You can march your butt back upstairs and get a belt. You will thank him someday, when you learn to appreciate social norms.

* * *

Seven of Hat Racks – The Unicorn: is looking for someone just like you but doesn't know it yet. You don't put yourself out there enough. Maybe if you bought some hip shirts and didn't reference your Mom in conversation quite so often.

* * *

Thirteen of Bed – The Mermaid: was the black sheep of her family too. Maybe with a little encouragement you can create all the love you need with those around you.

* * *

Grá Linnaea is an editor for Shimmer Magazine and active member of the Science Fiction Writers Association. He also won Writers of the Future and attended the 2008 Clarion Workshop. His Stoker Award nominated story "Messages From Valerie Polichar" was featured in Shock Totem magazine. Other of his fiction can be found in Apex and Daily Science Fiction.

Where do you get the ideas for your poems?

This piece was inspired by an exercise Neil Gaiman suggested in my Clarion. He had stamp proofs Dave McKean had produced for the Royal Post and he asked each of us to write a piece based on one of the
images. I've never been good with instructions, so I made something using them all.