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Gaze of the Gorgon

The Gaze of the Gorgon
by Robert Shmigelsky

Gaze of the Gorgon

The presuming hero
who, well-versed in the ways to slay me, will come—
unlike those who came before him—
bearing a golden mirror shield alongside his sword and torch.
In his thirst for adventure, spoils, the hero’s glory—
my supposedly slithering serpent head held aloft in his hand,
to be paraded around as a trophy before those that now denigrate me—
he’ll follow the flow of mountains to where waters meet.
There he shall find, after descending winding marble steps
of my depilated white temple, the creature’s lair.

Passing those that came before him, his weary blue eyes slanted down
below his bowed shield so not to chance a glimpse of my hideous face,
he keeps his sight tied to shadows
that lie still in the night before hovering back in retreat
as he passes the procession of twelve solemn pillars in my hall,
hunting me with his false conjectures:
delving into the gloom, first to my raised dais
then every corner and room
until, at last, there is no place left for me to hide
and I turn and look with my variegated gaze, see my
sharp aquatic face and eel-like hair reflected back upon me.
My beauty fade, turn to marble-white
as misconceptions murder me.

* * *

Robert Shmigelsky is an aspiring fantasy writer trying to improve and better organize his writing. Robert has been writing fantasy for himself in his spare time for the last seven years, but only now has begun writing for others.

Besides reading and writing, some of his hobbies include computers and history. He has a dry sense of humor, which he blames his stepfather for. Also, he has a habit of making history jokes no one but he understands. He is currently working as a certified residential care aide (nursing assistant) in beautiful British Columbia to support his writing.