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Psychological Ending

Psychological Ending
by Radek Ozog

Psychological Ending

the smell of antique books which infected
my mind to become a classic wordsmith,
the imaginative aroma of the poem I'm reading
by Robert Frost, "Fire and Ice"
I see the fire extinguisher in the corner of my
eye, above that is a old exit sign
blinding and making that short circuit sound(beez,bez,beeey) on the fifth floor.
Should a fire happen the old fire exit door is jammed
the dark library hallway, doors creaking,
knobs turning by themselves
as my left eye gazes, I see a book on Parapsychology
Peter James, psychic research, nineteenth century
studies into life after death

while I'm bending down to pick up the book
to the left of me, the window opens a crack,
and with the wind blowing with a ghostly
sound I look at the heavy rain
then I know the world will end in rain.
and this library building is the ark to save
the world's knowledge. the truth just blew out
the window! then it burst in flames before being put out by heavy rain.

* * *

Radek Ozog says:

The idea for the poem came to me by reading Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice."(Frost lived for two years on Pontiac Trial in Ann Arbor, MI, the same street were I live today.)

Rejection slips and pressure from editors has me writing poems.

A fantasy poem is my own world; I prefer it over reality. Its importance in poetry is to connect the real world with a entertaining escape.

Fantasy is well-wishing.

My advice for fantasy writers is keep watching the Never Ending Story. :)


Jennifer said...

I do not usually read free verse poetry, but this poem really captured my imagination and really spoke to me. Well done! Keep writing fantasy poems!

Anonymous said...

Thank you it's nice TO know I have one
I'm a new writer but I have a few poem out there just goggle my name.
And you may sent to poem to everyone
you know.