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by Alec B Kowalczyk


Late at night
the conning tower
of a scaled-down
submarine rears
its head out
of the waters
of Washington
Park Lake.
Drowned rays
of light spill
from flanking
port windows
like stunted oars
in the turbid water.
Parallel propelled
streamers cross
the wake of moonlight
on the disturbed lake.
Cigar-sized torpedoes
charge full speed ahead.

* * *

Alec B Kowalczyk is a native of South Troy, New York, a civil engineer by day, with an interest in the mechanics of poetry. His work has been published in The Feathertale Review, Black Petals, ChiZine, The Horror Zine, Pif Magazine, Semaphore Magazine, Versal, Yellow Mama and others, winning a Dark Animus award for poetry. Snark Publishing released his chapbook Shadow and Substance. Most recently some of his work can be found in Jeani Rector's anthology "Twice the Terror" and forthcoming in the two anthologies, Jennifer Bowles' "The Medulla Review Anthology" and Jeani Rector's "What Fears Become".

Where do you get the ideas for your poems?

I try to maintain an open door and open mind, finding that ideas will enter
freely and frequently if my mind is at ease to receive them. Ideas for me seem
to come from without, and the writer is the doctor who assists bringing the
poems into the world.