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by Deborah Walker


The cherry tree casts a dark shadow,
two weeks of the years when
bud bursts through to trembling tinged flower.
Just two weeks of the years.
Such a short time of exultation.

Once, when I was digging at the roots,
I found a small, old ring,
woven vine, wire, delicate thin.
I have never dug further.
I leave the shadow as a recurring eulogy
to something that was once in bloom.

* * *

Deborah Walker loves dreamy, dark poetry. Her heroes are Christina Rossetti and Jacqueline West. Find Deborah’s poems in Scifaikuest, Apex Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares and Paper Crow.

Where do you get the ideas for your poems?

When I write poetry, I just unhinge my mind and let the ideas flow and blend. 'Blossom' came from three threads, the prompt from Megan, sitting in my garden and seeing the cherry tree in blossom, and a medieval ring I'd seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum. A lot of ideas for my fantasy poetry and stories come from museum objects.