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by Holly Day


oh, the whirr of wheels and wire and endless
scraping of skin on silvery track, my sleep, the scrape of skin on
splintered wood and wondering what they’ll say when they find me,
the rush, the roar, racing toward the light
the fading, floating echo of speed
oh, the imagined eyes of an imaginary crowd as the train
pull into the station, the concrete landing,
the eyes of the crowd opening wide
as the train pulls in and the hands reach out
trying to catch me, stop me,
much, much too late
oh, I love a train

* * *

Holly Day lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children. Her most recent nonfiction book publications include Music Theory for Dummies and Walking Twin Cities, while her poetry has most recently appeared in Skidrow Penthouse, Iota, and Iodine Poetry Journal.

What inspires you to write and keep writing?

I’ve been writing my whole life (as most writers have) and for publication since I was 15 (nearly 24 years ago), so I don’t really think about what keeps me writing. It’s more a compulsive routine for me now than anything—forgetting to sit and spend some time on my writing would be as strange to me as forgetting to make my children lunch. What inspires me to write? It’s everything in the world around me. It’s my cat, my family, my garden, newspaper headlines, TV sitcoms, the dead squirrel I had to fish out of the rain gutter yesterday, etc., etc.. It would be impossible to write about everything that inspires me.