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I am Golem

I am Golem
by Robert Shmigelsky

I am Golem

Almost as tall as these mountains,
wider than the trunk of a tree,
as unwieldy as cooled ore,
yet as gentle as a faun.
But as full as a shallow stream.

Rocks and pebbles rolled into body and bone.
Clumps of earth, between, jumble as I trundle.
Vines and leaves tangled into shirt and sleeve.
From emeralds green, from them I see
the walls of a chasm split asunder
after Gaia yawned and nudged two peaks over.

From hollows sculpted, at the side of my face,
so I can heed, from them I hear
an encompassing, restless wind
born from the distant bellow of a wind-swept peak
reflecting off frozen time and barrier
encompassing behind me tranquil, winter and kingdom,
enthroning this lord of storms.

This wind would tickle had I skin.
But I don’t. So, it won’t.
It only summons that not possessed:
the feels, tastes and smells granted to all men;
the feels, tastes and smells neglected to those like me.
And so up and down, here I pace, hither and thither
waiting this great wind to weather and dig
until rock and pebble become soil and dust.

* * *

Robert Shmigelsky is an aspiring fantasy writer taking English courses at Okanagan College to try to improve his writing. He says: Besides reading and writing, some of my hobbies include computers, football and history. I have a dry sense of humour, which I blame my stepfather for. Also, I have a habit of making history jokes no one but me understands. I am currently working as a certified care aide in beautiful British Columbia to support my writing.

What do you think is the attraction of the fantasy genre?

After just finishing writing a research essay on R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots) about humanity's technological hubris, I would have to say the reason fantasy is so attractive to me personally is that it gives any writer the ability to visit worlds unlike their own, offering unique settings to get across those important messages to the reader. Of course, there's always the fun factor.