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by Sarah Wagner


She dreams the lives of men
In splendor, in vibrant hues
The Creator of All Things
Honored in the songs of children
The whispered prayers of women
Watching their mates ride to war.

She weaves the heartstrings of mothers
Intricate knots and braids in pattern
The Designer of All Things
Binding generations together unseen
Umbilical life-thread bonds
Stretching across time and space.

She dances the joys of children
Movements instinctual and wild
The Mother of All Things
Guiding her people with a light touch
Fingers of fate felt only by the very young
Swirling ribbons of a thousand shades.

* * *

Sarah Wagner lives in West Virginia with her husband and two young sons. Her science fiction short story collection, Hardwired Humanity, is available now at Amazon or direct from the publisher. For more information, visit

What do you think is the attraction of the fantasy genre?

The infinite possibilities. The rules are not as solid in fantasy - there is more room for play, more room for the imagination to run amok and create things that in the real world are only stuff of daydreams.

What advice do you have for other fantasy writers?
Persistence is key. To everything. That and bacon.