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by Sarah Wagner


Ink bleeds through skin into soul
Permanent talisman
Languid curve of spine
Curled around hip
Wings poised to spread
Fangs just hidden from view
Protection her debt to pay
For a life only as immortal
As her host.

* * *

Sarah Wagner lives in West Virginia with her husband and two young sons. Her science fiction short story collection, Hardwired Humanity, is available now at Amazon or direct from the publisher. For more information, visit

What inspires you to write and keep writing?
I'm a horribly moody woman when I don't write. I write to keep the rest of my household from having to put up with that. In all seriousness, there's so much to the world that we take for granted and I'd like to do my small part in shining a little light in the shadowy places and the dreamworlds. What is reading but an escape - writing is the same.
What advice do you have for other fantasy writers?
Persistence is key. To everything. That and bacon.