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by Sarah Wagner


She once ruled her world from a filigree throne
In a time when Believers stood tall and proud
Thunderous warriors fought for her favor
The sharp crash of swords echoed
Through the hills, carried in tales of valor
When megaliths were lifted in honor of her
And everything was sacred.

Then the Other came, riding the backs
Of tin men, driving their stake of righteousness
Through the heart of her people,
Determined to cast her out,
Banish her to mere folklore
Strip her power, murder her heathen children.

Time slowed, dragged its feet on the journey
Towards her inevitable rebirth
In times of change, legend lends comfort
Becomes the truth it had been
Is worn in the culture like a badge
Bearing the Believers home
Pulls her into the world, reborn.

* * *

Sarah Wagner lives in West Virginia with her husband and two young sons. Her science fiction short story collection, Hardwired Humanity, is available now at Amazon or direct from the publisher. For more information, visit

Where do you get the ideas for your stories/poems?

It depends on the piece I'm working on. Some come from dreams, some from news stories, some from watching the world around me, and others from deeply personal experiences.

What advice do you have for other fantasy writers?
Persistence is key. To everything. That and bacon.


Erica Hayes said...

Lovely poem, Sarah. Thanks! And what beautiful art.